I've had a wonderful forty year career in medical software development. I am nearing retirement. In May of 2017 I lost my sweetheart to cancer. Why on earth would I choose to run for the Salt Lake County Council?

I am running because

I have had it with both major parties. Until last year I was a lifelong Republican. I have served as a delegate to county and state conventions.

I made the switch to United Utah!

The new United Utah Party's goal of seeking compromise and working together was very appealing to me. Each year the major parties seem to cater more and more to the extremes. And how much more time can they possibly waste hurling verbal grenades at one another? They have vacated the big wide space in the middle where most of us see ourselves.

Why stick with something that is broken? We're seeking like-minded people to join us. It's time for a new approach!

We want you to take notice.

The United Utah Party is looking to field more and more candidates. I live in Millcreek, which is in Salt Lake County Council District 4, and so I decided to step up. Though this is far from my comfort zone I'm confident I could do a great job as a member of the county council. But, most of all, I want people to know that there are other concerned citizens stepping forward to bring badly needed reform to our political landscape. We're not a bunch of extremists. We're everyday people like you who are alarmed about what is going on and who want to make a difference; to bring about positive change!

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